How to Help

Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a Sponsor

Whether you choose to sponsor a portion of a build or a current project, your gift will make a lasting impact on the communities and families we serve. See below for our current sponsorship opportunities.

Do you have a different sponsorship idea? Please contact our office. We are happy to hear your ideas and explore new partnerships!

Build Sponsorships

  • Lumber Package

    $5.00 covers one 2x6
    $15,000.00 sponsors all the lumber and trusses

  • Roof Package

    $35.00 buys one bundle of shingles
    $7,500.00 sponsors the entire roof

  • Siding Package/Wainscoting

    $3,000.00 sponsors all the siding for the home and the guttering

  • Lighting Package

    $400.00 sponsors light kits with fans for a four-bedroom home

  • Window Package

    $2,145.00 sponsors all the windows for a four-bedroom home

  • Doors/Trim Package

    $825.00 will buy two exterior doors
    $75.00 buys one interior door
    $5,185.00 sponsors all the doors and trim in the home

  • Appliance Package

    $959.00 covers the washer/dryer package
    $1,450.00 sponsors the entire appliance package

  • Cabinet Package

    $3,000.00 sponsors the kitchen and bathroom cabinets

  • Sprinkler System (as applicable)

    $5,000.00 sponsors a sprinkler system for the entire house
    (This package is not always needed. Please contact the Habitat office for more information, if interested.)

  • Flooring Package

    $3,600.00 sponsors flooring for up to a four-bedroom home

  • Plumbing Package

    $7,770 sponsors all the plumbing for the house

  • Electric Package

    $6,800.00 sponsors all electrical work in the home

  • Heat and Air Package

    $5,400.00 sponsors heat and air for the full home

  • Porch Package

    $1,000.00 sponsors the front and back porch

  • Infrastructure Package

    $15,750.00 covers the cost to clear, clean and dig the lot, water and sewer fees, impact fees (Bentonville), dirt and SB2, and appraisals and surveys.

  • Foundation Package

    $15,000.00 sponsors the foundation of the home

  • Home Package

    $80,000.00 sponsors nearly the entire home

Other Sponsorships

  • Community Training Center - $10,000

    We are seeking a $10,000 naming opportunity for our new Community Training Center. We will use the space to train our homeowners and members of the community on basic home maintenance in order to preserve the quality of their homes and prevent major repairs in the future. Habitat staff will also use the room for job training. Additionally, we would use the room for board and committee meetings and allow smaller non-profits to use the space for their meetings.

    If you choose to sponsor this project, we would display your name on the room, recognize you on our website and social media and submit a press release. For complete project and sponsorship details, please contact our office at (479) 335-5970.